Wesleyan vs. Trinity, URI, Conn College 4.24.10


What a gorgeous day it was at Lake Quinsigamond this morning!

The Cardinals awoke at the crack of dawn (or perhaps slightly before!) and made their way up to the race course today to compete in some of the most challenging, exciting races of the season!


Trinity 5:56.6
URI 6:01.4
Wesleyan 6:04.1
Trinity 6:51.7
Wesleyan 6:55.9
Conn College 7:38.8
Trinity 6:01.8
Trinity B 6:22.3
Wesleyan 6:43.8
Trinity 7:02.4
Wesleyan 7:36.2
Trinity 7:12.0
Holy Cross 7:19.5
Conn College 7:29.7
Wesleyan 7:32.6

The exact times for the Men’s 3V8 event were lost; for more information pertaining to this particular race please visit the Row2k Results Page.

UPDATE: Men’s 3V8 results can now be found at QRA.org.

Wesleyan’s performance on the water today was humbling to watch.  While it can be frustrating finishing behind some bigger, stronger crews, we are excited to have finished closer to some of these crews than we have in quite a few years!

We are most certainly closing the gap.

Our competitors were reminded today that Wesleyan is well established in the pack of boats headed to the New England Champs next week, and we intend to race hard and fast.

Across the men’s and women’s side, we feel we’ve made tremendous progress over the last few weeks and are absolutely ready to work hard this week to compete at our highest possible level in Worcester on Saturday.

UPDATE: John Steidl has graciously provided us with a great set of photos from the weekend.  Slide show of photos here.

Thanks to all for your continued to support; we will see you in Worcester next week for the New England Rowing Championships!

Think FAST!

-The Coaches


2 Responses to “Wesleyan vs. Trinity, URI, Conn College 4.24.10”

  1. Lori Says:

    Race results are posted at qra.org – M3V8 results are there.

  2. wesleyanrowing Says:

    Thanks, Lori!

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