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October 26, 2011

Head on over to Row2k.com to see a quick photo of our Men’s 4+ in the Head of the Charles on the home page!

Go Wes!


Head of the Charles 2011

October 25, 2011

The Head of The Charles was a great success for Wesleyan this year.  On Saturday the 22nd, a men’s 4+ placed 5th, securing a medal for their efforts, with a time of 17:46.05.

On Sunday, the men’s 8+ finished the course with a raw time of 15:44.93, the tenth fastest time of the 40 boat race, and passed 4 crews on their way to the finish line.

Immediately following the men’s race, the women’s team powered down the course, passing several boat as well, to finish in 18:08.11, placing 11th out of 29 boats.

These results represent significant improvements in each program.  Both teams have continued to grow, recruiting strong, experienced rowers year after year.  Additionally, such strong performances automatically qualify all boats that raced for next year’s events.  It’s been an exciting Fall, and it’s not over yet!

This weekend the Cardinals will travel to Saratoga Springs, NY for the final race of the Fall season; the Head of the Fish Regatta.

As always, here is the link to the current set of pictures I have collected from the Head of the Charles.  If you would like to add photos to this for all to see, please contact Men’s Asst. Coach Justin Watson: jwatson01@wesleyan.edu.

See you in Saratoga!

-The Coaches

Textile River Regatta 10.2.11

October 3, 2011

Hello all, and welcome to another Fall season!  We are thrilled to be back racing!  This weekend we began our season with a very successful showing at the Textile River Regatta in Lowell, MA.  Top boats boats from both them men and the women gave medal winning performances.

Note:  For the full results please click here (link opens in new window)  

Men’s Novice Four:  First place of 7 crews with a time of 21:26.833

Men’s Club 8 A: First place of 14 crews with a time of 17:31.270

Men’s Club 8 B: Third place of 14 crews with a time of 18:14.566

Women’s Club 8 A:  Second place of 18 crews with a time of 19:41.443

Women’s Club 8 B: Eighth place of 18 crews with a time of 20:46.425

Women’s Open 4: Fifth of 22 crews with a time of 22:09.117

Men’s Open 4: Twentieth of 25 crews with a time of 21:50.787

Men’s Open 8: Third place of 10 crews (the top college in the event) with a time of 17:32.008

For a full write up of the day’s events on Wesleyan.edu, please head over here for the men, and here for the women.


As many of you may know, Wesleyan Rowing photos are compiled via Flickr.com.  You can view all the photos from past events HERE.  Our goal is to make this a dynamic place to view, and share photos that each of you have taken.  If you took photos at a race, please contact coach Justin Watson at jwatson01@wesleyan.edu for a Flickr username and password that will allow you to add your photos to the growing database.  We need your help to keep this a rich, vibrant place for all to enjoy!  Bring your cameras, and take as many photos as you can!

Next Race:

Our next race will be the Head of the Connecticut Regatta on Sunday, October 16th.  This will take place at our home course, right in front of our boathouse!  It will be our first home race in many years, and we are very excited to be a part of it.  See you there!


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Thank you for your continued support.  Go Wes!

-The Coaches

Race Recap: vs WPI, UMass, Middlebury, Smith

April 2, 2011

Another fantastic day of racing for the Wesleyan Cardinals!

It sure was great to be back racing at the DRC in Worcester, and as the weeks roll by the crews continue to improve, and capitalize on all the hard work that was put in over the winter, and during our Spring Break trip.  These efforts are evidenced by very strong results in the racing this morning.

Women’s Racing:

Varsity 8:
WPI 7:08.1
Wesleyan 7:11.9
Smith 7:12.5
Middlebury 7:40.0
2nd Varsity 8:
Wesleyan 7:18.7
Smith 7:26.1
WPI 7:30.9
Middlebury 8:16.7
3rd Varsity 8:
Smith 7:37.2
Wesleyan 7:40.0
Smith B 7:47.8
WPI 7:49.5


Frosh/Novice 8:
WPI 7:29.0
Smith 7:55.0
Middlebury 8:15.6

Men’s Racing:

Varsity 8:
Wesleyan 6:16.8
UMass 6:21.1
WPI 6:26.7
Middlebury 6:34.8
2nd Varsity 8:
WPI 6:22.8
Wesleyan 6:23.8
Middlebury 7:08.6
Varsity Four:
UMass 7:11.3
WPI 8:15.5
3rd Varsity 8:
Wesleyan 6:35.4
WPI 6:39.0
Novice 4:
Wesleyan 7:26.2
WPI 7:45.0
Middlebury 8:50.1


Frosh/Novice 8:
UMass 7:05.4
Middlebury 7:24.2
WPI 7:35.3
UMass B 7:46.6

Next weekend the Cards will look to continue this success as we take on Tufts, Bates, and UNH in Medford, MA.  What an exciting day of hard, fast racing!

Go Wes!

-The Coaches

Race Recap: vs Coast Guard

March 29, 2011


It was a chilly, windy day on Saturday, but the crews braved the elements and we were able to sneak in the day’s earlier events before the weather turned, preventing some of the later races from having a safe, productive racing opportunity.

Here are the day’s results:

– MV8 Wes, 5:52.5   CGA, 5:55.1

– WV8 CGA, 6:28.01  Wes, 6:39.2

– M2V8 Wes over CGA by .96

– W2V8 Wes, 5:40.5  CGA, 5:49.39

– M/W3V8 – cancelled due to wind

– MN4 – cancelled due to wind

If any subscribers have any photos of the days events they would like to post here, please contact Justin Watson at jwatson01@wesleyan.edu.  For any newcomers, we have a Flikr Page set up, so folks can upload their own photos there.

We are back in the swing of things here in Middletown, and are looking forward to our next racing opportunity in Worcester this Saturday.

Go Wes!

-The Coaches

Race Recap: Vs Rollins 3.12.11

March 14, 2011

What a great day of racing!

Yesterday, the entire group awoke before dawn and headed to our racing site in Winter Park, Florida.  Upon arrival, the teams unloaded the trailer and prepared the boats for race day as the sun rose over Lake Maitland.

Traditionally, this southern race kicks off our 2,000 meter spring racing season, and what a great showing Wesleyan had!

Below are the day’s results.  Photos and/or videos from the day will be posted here when they become available.

Men’s Racing
Varsity 8+:
Wesleyan 6:00.0
Rollins College 6:10.2
Emory Univ. 6:11.6
UF 6:28.8
Embry Riddle 6:49.4
Wesleyan “A” 6:15.9
Wesleyan “B” 6:17.7
Rollins College 6:18.3
UF 6:36.9
Novice 8+:
UF 6:13.2
Wesleyan 6:30.7
Emory Univ. 6:52.9
Embry Riddle 7:22.1
Varsity 4+:
Wesleyan 6:42.2
Emory Univ. 6:45.3
Rollins College 6:53.5
Embry Riddle 7:21.2
Varsity 4+ “B”:
Emory University 7:05.4
Rollins College 7:17.8
Novice 4+:
Rollins College 6:51.1
Wesleyan 7:01.7
Embry Riddle 7:36.9
Emory University 7:38.7
UF 7:48.0
Women’s Racing
Varsity 8+:
UF 6:41.1
Emory Univ. 6:45.6
Wesleyan 6:55.4
Rollins College 7:06.1
Emory Univ. 7:11.1
Wesleyan 7:15.3
UF 7:16.5
Novice 8+:
Emory Univ. 7:14.1
Wesleyan 7:22.3
Rollins College 7:26.4
UF 7:48.7
Varsity 4+:
Emory Univ. 7:21.4
Wesleyan 7:42.3
UF 7:43.2
Rollins College 7:47.8
Lightweight 4+:
Rollins College 7:45.0
UF 7:48.4
Novice 4+:
Rollins College 8:08.6
Wesleyan 8:12.8
UF 8:28.7
Embry Riddle 8:43.7

Thanks to the small ensemble of parents who were in town (Solomons and Martins!), and able to come support the squad!  We all have been enjoying clear, warm weather, flat water, and multiple rowing sessions daily, all the while avoiding the alligators and admiring the manatees!

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Here’s to a great start to Spring 2011!  Go Wes!

-The Coaches

Greetings from DeLand, Florida!

March 7, 2011

The Wesleyan Rowing boat trailer parked amongst the palm trees at Hontoon Landing Resort in DeLand, Florida.

Hello to all!

The Wesleyan Rowing boat trailer arrived safely at Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina after a long drive south on Saturday.  On Sunday, the coaches spent the day preparing the site, unloading the truck and trailer, and enjoying the weather!

Later today, athletes will arrive at the resort and embark on our first row of Spring Break 2011!

It’s great to be back in the swing of things.  The men and women of Wesleyan Rowing worked very hard over the winter, and returned to our Spring season strong, fit, and ready for action.  All are looking forward to the next two weeks of intense training, much of it in sunny 75 degree weather!

We look forward to seeing you all at the races!  Updated racing schedules for the Men and Women have been posted online.  Our first racing opportunity will be vs Rollins in Winter Park Florida this Saturday.

Please enjoy a few photos of Hontoon Landing below.

One of the buildings at Hontoon that will house a good portion of the squad.

Rear view of the same building, showing the back porches, decks, and illustrating just how close to the water we really are!

Another view of the trailer and boats.

There's a visitor on our launching dock!

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Thanks for your support, and Go Wes!

-The Coaches

New England Rowing Championships 2010

May 2, 2010

Photo credit: Barbara Levenson

Update:  Slideshow of the day’s events can be found here.

The 2010 New England Rowing Championships when off without a hitch on Saturday, May 1st, with weather so gorgeous it was hard to believe!  Clear skies, 80 degrees, and just a whisper of a headwind made for great racing conditions.  Our food tent was in full swing, as we had rented a 20×20 tent in addition to our normal Wesleyan tent.  The added size to our claimed plot was helpful, and we couldn’t be more thankful to the parents for providing such a great spread throughout the entire 10-hour day of racing!

Photo credit: Barbara Lenvenson

Both teams, men and women, entered 3 eights into the races, Varsity 1, 2 and 3 on the men’s side while the women’s side fielded a novice boat in addition to Varsity 1 and 2.

All of the Women’s boats raced in heats which, depending on where they finish, determine which level of the final race they will move on to.  On the men’s side only the first Varsity raced in a heat, while the 2nd and 3rd boats went directly into a final event.  Here are your results:

1 Trinity – 6:08.809
2 Bates  – 6:11.150
3 Wesleyan – 6:12.814
4 URI – 6:13.510
5 UMass-Amherst – 6:16.131
6 UConn – 7:05.542
Grand Final

1 Williams – 6:18.123
2 Trinity – 6:18.708
3 WPI – 6:26.219
4 USCGA – 6:32.622
5 Bates – 6:35.80
6 Wesleyan – 6:39.228

1 Bates – 6:54.797
2 UNH – 6:58.682
3 Smith – 7:09.686
4 WPI – 7:13.977
5 Wesleyan – 7:15.439
3rd Level Final
1 USCGA – 7:33.745
2 Wesleyan – 7:47.419
3 Colby – 8:08.725

1 Trinity – 6:24.900
2 Williams – 6:31.797
3 Bates – 6:34.267
4 USCGA – 6:44.732
5 WPI – 6:45.943
6 Wesleyan – 7:01.934
Colby  – Withdrew from race

1 UNH – 7:17.824
2 Bates – 7:25.120
3 Tufts – 7:45.234
4 Wesleyan – 7:46.753
Colby – Withdrew from race
Petite Final
1 Mt Holyoke – 7:52.740
2 Smith – 7:54.622
3 UVM – 7:56.270
4 Simmons – 8:01.038
5 USCGA – 8:10.740
6 Tufts – 8:14.069
7 Wesleyan – 8:16.036

1 Trinity A – 6:34.748
2 Trinity B – 6:50.134
3 USCGA – 6:57.904
4 Wesleyan – 7:05.129


1 Mt Holyoke – 7:55.521
2 Wellesley – 8:01.161
3 UVM A – 8:01.566
4 Middlebury – 8:01.633
5 Wesleyan – 8:07.434

It was a difficult day for a lot of crews involved.  Out athletes handled themselves with pride, and professionalism and we are proud of that.  As coaches we look at the results of the day and conclude that there is a world of potential in front of us, and we are excited to get after it.  We think that with your continued support, we can certainly move our crews to the next level of competition, and we intend to do so.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was our christening ceremony.  There will be a separate post for this, as photos of the days events roll in.

If you have any photos of the events please email coach Justin Watson at:

UPDATE: Slideshow of the day’s events can be found here.

More to come…

Adding to the fleet; Wesleyan’s two new boats

April 29, 2010

Today, following our usual Thursday morning row, the coaches hooked up the trailer and headed south to Vespoli headquarters to pick up two brand new fours!

The realization of the efforts of friends and family of Wesleyan Crew, these boats will serve the mens and womens programs very well in the near future.

While we primarily race 8s, smaller boats are an essential part of our training program, particularly throughout the fall months as well as during our annual Spring Break trip to DeLand, FL. In the past we have relied on fours borrowed from other programs, and now we can be much more self contained in that regard.

These boats are a fantastic addition to the fleet, and ultimately will create greater opportunity, and flexibility during key periods of our training.

Please enjoy a couple photos of the loading and unwrapping of the new shells.

See you at New Englands!!

-The Coaches

Wesleyan vs. Trinity, URI, Conn College 4.24.10

April 24, 2010


What a gorgeous day it was at Lake Quinsigamond this morning!

The Cardinals awoke at the crack of dawn (or perhaps slightly before!) and made their way up to the race course today to compete in some of the most challenging, exciting races of the season!


Trinity 5:56.6
URI 6:01.4
Wesleyan 6:04.1
Trinity 6:51.7
Wesleyan 6:55.9
Conn College 7:38.8
Trinity 6:01.8
Trinity B 6:22.3
Wesleyan 6:43.8
Trinity 7:02.4
Wesleyan 7:36.2
Trinity 7:12.0
Holy Cross 7:19.5
Conn College 7:29.7
Wesleyan 7:32.6

The exact times for the Men’s 3V8 event were lost; for more information pertaining to this particular race please visit the Row2k Results Page.

UPDATE: Men’s 3V8 results can now be found at QRA.org.

Wesleyan’s performance on the water today was humbling to watch.  While it can be frustrating finishing behind some bigger, stronger crews, we are excited to have finished closer to some of these crews than we have in quite a few years!

We are most certainly closing the gap.

Our competitors were reminded today that Wesleyan is well established in the pack of boats headed to the New England Champs next week, and we intend to race hard and fast.

Across the men’s and women’s side, we feel we’ve made tremendous progress over the last few weeks and are absolutely ready to work hard this week to compete at our highest possible level in Worcester on Saturday.

UPDATE: John Steidl has graciously provided us with a great set of photos from the weekend.  Slide show of photos here.

Thanks to all for your continued to support; we will see you in Worcester next week for the New England Rowing Championships!

Think FAST!

-The Coaches